Start Time:7.30am
Distance: 105km
Elevation: 2347

Course description

in the cycling world 105km doesn’t seem that long but take a peep at the gradient and elevation gain in the event ………… OUCH. 

This ride starts off with 35 km of relative flat sealed roads through the farmlands of Berry and towards the coastline, before winding back to the town of Berry and past the start line. Here you can refuel and recover (if needed) and start the double lap of the Climb section. 

Two laps of this section are where the name Challenge comes from, so pace yourself and as always, take it easy on the descents. 


Start Time: 8.00am
Distance: 70km
Elevation: 1266m

Course description

Our most popular ride. This ride takes in the flat(ish) section of the Charge as a warm-up for the Climb. So if you are keen on the combined flats followed by a climb before refreshments at the finish line, then this is for you. 


Start Time: 8.45am
Distance: 35km
Elevation: 951m

Course description

Feel like just a day of climbing. This will be one of the toughest 35 km loops you will find on the south coast. 

From the start, you head straight up, and up before some rolling climbs and descents through some of the sweetest farmland countrysides around Berry and the Shoalhaven. 

Be careful on the descents before you start your next climb to the top of Berry Mountain with a descent back to the start/finish line. 


Start Time: 9.00am
Distance: 35km
Elevation: 311m

Course description

Not ready for hills, just keen on a fast flat ride through the fresh green rolling undulations of the Berry farmlands, then this ride is for you. Remember, part of this ride is out and back, so stay to the left for your safety and others. 

A great ride to get a feel of our beautiful area and take in the sights and the fresh country air before arriving back at the Race Village.


Start Time: 9.15am
Distance: 15km
Elevation: 146m

Course description

Feel like a fun family ride with your friends or the kids. This is the perfect way to get the legs and heart pumping before you enjoy the atmosphere of the Race Village.

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